Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Hi! I am Kathy Burke and I run a bakery selling cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and bread. When I started my business a year back, I was not able to get enough customers initially. I was so confused. I had tried all types of marketing tactics but I was not able to drive my business and generate the desired profit. I was very worried and had many doubts about why I am not able to attract customers and reach my demographic. Then I got a chance to connect with The Market Hut. I explained my problems and concerns to them. They were eager to help me grow my business.
The professionals at The Market Hut made me realize that I had not registered my business on the Internet. So whenever people used to search for a bakery, my outlet wasn’t showing up. With the help and guidance from The Market Hut, I registered my business on Google My Business as Google is the most used search engine. We used all the techniques and tactics of Local SEO. Along with that, The Market Hut did constant monitoring of my business, provided time to time suggestions, etc. Because of this extra help from The Market Hut, I was able to focus on my business. I was able to see the results clearly, the number of visitors started to increase and so did the orders!
The Local SEO services provided by The Market Hut has helped my business grow like never before. I am truly happy and satisfied with the services offered. I would strongly recommend The Market Hut if you want to expand your business.
Hello, I am Sam Mathew and I am the owner of Fitness gym. I help people to stay fit and healthy. I had a website listing all the services offered in my gym. But I was not able to get as many clients as I had expected which made me think I wasn’t reaching my clientele. I had registered my business online but nothing helped. I did not understand that even though I am had a website and an online presence, I was not able to get noticed by my target clients. Through one of my clients, I came across The Market Hut. I immediately contacted them and expressed my concern about my gym business. After a thorough evaluation, they helped me to boost my business by increasing calls and bookings for workout time. Thanks to The Market Hut for increasing my revenue by 30% and calls by 110%.
Hello, I am Samantha Robins and I am a florist and own a flower shop. I built an attractive website and I was looking forward to getting more inquiries on my website from my customers. But I was very disappointed with the few inquiries I was getting. I was puzzled that despite the online presence and having an amazing website, I was not able to drive traffic on my website.
Once I was going through the internet, I came across The Market Hut. I had read about them earlier, so I thought of connecting with them. When I told The Market Hut professionals about my concerns, they were immediate to respond.
The experts at The Market Hut suggested that I should opt for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO helped me in driving traffic to my website. Well, with the help of SEO experts we were able to figure out the right set of keywords for my business.
As Google SEO algorithms run in a different way, an SEO expert (from The Market Hut) assists in optimizing the website in the same way. This helped my website to appear in organic search engine results and I was getting a lot of inquiries from the customers. This all requires a lot of patience and I was fortunate enough to have The Market Hut professionals besides me.
The SEO service offered by The Market Hut has not only helped me drive traffic to my website but has also helped me in growing my business. Within 6 months, I was able to see a drastic increase in the number of inquiries I received. I am glad that I connected with The Market Hut and now it’s a long-lasting relationship with them.
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