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QR Code Generator

The Market Hut provides the professional QR Code Management platform to generate, track and edit all types of QR code at one place. Depending upon your business needs, you can choose between static QR code or dynamic QR code.
A basic fundamental QR code is a two dimensional barcode that stores information in the black and white data pixels. Dynamic QR code has a greater advantage on Static QR code, but still Static QR code has its own applications.
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Static QR Code

Static QR codes are the QR codes which contain information that cannot be modified. While Static QR codes are not advisable for business or marketing, but they can function well for below personal use.

On Your Resume/CV

Convert your traditional resume into a digital resume by just adding a static QR code. Add a PDF QR code on your resume to increase your chances of getting hired.

In An Emergency Situation

A unique method to use a static QR code. You can use it in case you have a special medical condition and want to easily share important medication or your information in an emergency. You can simply use the vCard QR code, laminate it, or make a sticker and share it when you need it the most.

Easy Gallery Image Display

Plan on organizing big events? You can use our Event QR code that will help you organize and share your event. By using Image Gallery QR code, you can share photos with your guests after the event.

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Dynamic QR Code

A dynamic QR code is editable and the information can be modified as and when required. The information stored in the QR code is nothing but a URL. A single QR code can be deployed permanently and the URLs can be modified as per the business needs.

Features of Dynamic QR Code

  • Scan Analytics Visibility
  • Easily Track Your QR Codes and Gather Insights About Its Scans
  • Create and Edit in Volume
  • Make Changes in No Time
  • Create Separate Campaign Folder
  • Structure and Sort Your QR Codes in Campaign Folders.
  • Multiple Design Option
  • Use Transparent QR Codes and Choose from Multiple Design Templates
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How To Generate a QR Code?

Step 1 - Prepare the QR Code Content : Select the content that will be present at the top of the QR code(URL, Text, Email,etc.) Make sure that you enter the correct data on the QR Code.
Step 2 - Select the QR Code : You can choose the QR code data types that include website URL, Facebook, email message, contact details, etc.
Step 3 - Enter the QR Code Content : Depending on the QR code data type chosen by you, enter the right content for the QR code like a website link, Facebook page, etc.
Step 4 - Select the Type of QR Code : You can choose between static and dynamic QR code options. Dynamic QR code can be modified and has analytics properties.
Step 5 - Choose the Style for Your QR Code : You can change the color of your QR code or add a logo to your QR code.
Step 6 - Generate the QR Code : It is important to make sure whether the generated QR code is working fine. All the content uploaded is showing up properly. All the required settings are made.
Step 7 - Download the QR Code : Now you’re all set to download the QR code as per your vector graphic requirements.
Create Your Free QR Code Now

Where can you use QR Codes?


You can add link of any webpage on your website

Social Media

Provide a link of your social media channels


Share coupon and discount

vCard Plus

Add your personalized
contact details

Business Page

Add your company


Easy way to collect feedback and get ratings


Share more than one


Promote and organize your
event easily

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